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Fall season begins


Kokomo Vipers FC

Kokomo Vipers FC is a semi-professional soccer team with the United Premier Soccer League.  We aim to provide top level soccer entertainment to the city of Kokomo and Howard County.  We are joining other semi-professional sports in this town and excited to be a positive impact on this community.  As we grow, we hope to work with the various soccer leagues in this area providing what support and resources we can.  We choose to be an organization that will help revitalize the economy of this community.

Currently, we occupy the forth tier of the U.S. Men's Professional Soccer Pyramid but strive within the next decade to grow into the third tier (ULS 1, NISA). With the connections we have in various soccer leagues, we can develop young adult men looking to play professionally into a next-level competitor.  

Contact Us

Contact Us

Kokomo Vipers FC

Phone: 513-349-3641

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Kokomo Vipers FC  
Address: 2501 N. Apperson Way #45  
Phone Number: 513-349-3641  
Email Address: